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Empowering great ideas for tomorrow’s horticulture

Hort Innovation’s Frontiers invests in seizing big opportunities and developing solutions to horticulture’s major challenges. 

Teaming up with local and global innovators, Frontiers attracts private, commercial and Government co-investment to transform Australian horticulture and accelerate outcomes into the hands of growers 

Over the next 10 years, Frontiers aims to inject $500 million in R&D to drive transformation in Australian horticulture. 

Five investment themes drive Frontiers approach to innovation and co-investment, helping identify and solve challenges to ensure a profitable and sustainable Australian horticulture sector:   

  • Healthy living  
  • Adaptation and resilience
  • Market growth and security
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Capability building.

Investment partners can participate across four dynamic investment pathways – each designed to propel the industry forward: 

  • Innovation partnerships: Delivered through proven procurement approaches, this ongoing stream beckons strategic collaborations, inviting stakeholders from all corners of the sector to join forces to advance industry innovation.
  • Australian-grown innovation: Dedicated to growers and the supply chain, this stream nurtures grassroots ingenuity, empowering innovators to take their ideas from concept to reality through a competitive Expression of Interest process. Launching in 2024.
  • Incubate and accelerate: Poised to serve as a launchpad for startup  enterprises seeking to scale within the horticulture domain. Through rigorous selection and support mechanisms, budding entrepreneurs, researchers, and students will be equipped to thrive in the competitive landscape. Launching in 2025.
  • Hort Innovation Venture Fund: Set to channel resources into high-growth early-stage startups, this stream will propel innovative products and services from inception to market readiness. Launching in 2024.

How great ideas come to fruition


Empower great ideas for tomorrows horticulture

To unleash grassroots ingenuity, talk with Hort Innovation’s Head of Investment, Growth and Commercial, Jesse Reader on 0413 777 501.

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