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Keep up to date with your levy fund

Our aim is to keep you well-informed on the investment of the levies you pay

Each of the levy fund grower pages gives you valuable information, including:

  • Details and updates of ongoing and completed investment projects
  • Financial reports and investment documents relating to your levy fund
  • Outputs of investment projects and resources that you can use
  • Upcoming events
  • Consultation information we have with your levy fund
  • Contact details for Industry Service & Delivery Managers and Marketing Managers.

Looking for information on international trade for horticulture participants?

Click here for links to info and resources.

All levy fund grower pages

Final research report
Optimising nitrogen transformations in mushroom production (MU17004)
Ongoing project
Evaluating self-fertile varieties in block plantings for almond growers (AL22000)
Ongoing project
China market study tour (AV23012)
Ongoing project
Macadamia industry crisis and risk management (MC23002)
Ongoing project
Mango foodservice research and strategy FY24 (MG23002)
Completed project
Phenomenom resources (MT21018)
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