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Hort Innovation Our work Trade and export

Trade and export

Growing our global market

Hort Innovation’s Trade Unit works with industry to help develop export opportunities and gain and maintain markets overseas, increasing opportunities and demand for Australian produce.

Hort Innovation’s constitution outlines our priorities and responsibilities when it comes to trade.

The Trade Unit focuses on industry export strategies and programs within and across horticulture that improve industry knowledge of, and preparedness for, commercial success in export markets. We use a range of consultation and advisory mechanisms to deliver world-class innovation to ensure Australian horticulture is globally competitive.

The Trade Unit is focused on strategy, policy, government liaison; market access and market improvement; disinfestation R&D; and market development. The team draws on data and analytics resources and works closely with industry on trade-focused Frontiers investments.

The industry is linked to our Trade Unit through their SIAPs and Peak Industry Bodies (PIBs) to deliver export projects. We also engage at Hort Innovation’s PIB forums, participate in market access discussions via the National Farmers Federation’s Hort Council, collaborate to deliver occasional webinars and reach out annually at Hort Connections.

New market access and improved market access

Market access for horticulture products to international markets is gained through negotiation between the Australian Government and the Governments of our trading partners. Hort Innovation’s role in these negotiations is via the administration of an independent panel that acts on behalf of the horticultural sector to provide transparent, unbiased and consistent market access advice to the Australian Government; the International Market Access Assessment Panel.

More information about the process and panel can be found here.

Grown In Good Nature

Austrade has launched Australia’s Nation Brand as an umbrella brand for Australian businesses, industries and government agencies to seek new opportunities internationally. Their branding materials are designed for use alongside existing brands so that there is a unified approach for Australian businesses, but also allowing for industries to tailor their own presence.

With the launch of Australia’s Nation Brand, Hort Innovation has decided to create a horticulture sub-brand to replace Taste Australia on all international trade marketing programs.

The Grown In Good Nature brand brings to life how Australia’s ‘good nature’ – in both geography and character of our farmers – empowers us to grow the greatest, freshest produce in the world.

Visit the Grown In Good Nature brand page where you can access brand guidelines and artwork assets.