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Hort InnovationOur work Trade and export

Trade and export

Growing our global market

Hort Innovation’s Trade Unit works with industry to help develop export opportunities and to gain and maintain markets overseas, increasing opportunities and demand for Australian produce.

Hort Innovation’s constitution outlines our priorities and responsibilities when it comes to trade. These are to promote and further the interests of Australian horticultural industries overseas, focusing on the export, sale, distribution and consumption of horticultural produce in countries other than Australia.

The Trade Unit is responsible for establishing an objective market access and market maintenance prioritisation mechanism, and designing a new cross-horticulture Trade Strategy, incorporating all aspects of these priorities.

The Trade Unit is focused on strategy, policy, and government liaison; market access and market improvement; disinfestation R&D; and market development outside Asia. The team draws on data and analytics resources and works closely with the Hort Frontiers Asian Markets Fund.

Industry is closely linked to the Trade Unit through regular business contact, and three dedicated advisory panels that are made up of a broad cross-section of industry representatives: Trade Assessment Panel (TAP), Industry Trade Advisory Panel (ITAP) and Nut Trade Advisory Panel (NTAP).

These panels are Hort Innovation advisory mechanisms tasked with providing advice to Hort Innovation for its consideration, with relevant information provided to industry in the course of standard business practice. The Trade Unit communicates the decisions of market access and improvement applications to the Assessments Panel to applicants, including the rationale behind decisions taken.

Taste Australia

The whole-of-horticulture brand used by industry and Hort Innovation to help increase the profile, sales and consumption of premium horticulture products in key export markets

Visit the Taste Australia website

Hort Innovation's Organisational Trade Framework

Hort Innovation is committed to promoting and furthering the interests of Australian Horticulture in overseas markets.

As a statement of this commitment, Hort Innovation has prepared an Organisation Trade Framework. This framework seeks to align the trade agenda with a systematic and coordinated approach.

This framework forms a commitment from Hort Innovation to continue to improve, coordinate and action activities that hold significant trade outcomes for Australian horticulture industries.

Many thanks goes to those who helped inform the document, including growers, exporters, industry associations and government.

New market access and improved market access

Market access for horticulture products to international markets is gained through negotiation between the Australian Government and the Governments of our trading partners. Hort Innovation’s role in these negotiations is via the administration of an independent panel that acts on behalf of the horticultural sector to provide transparent, unbiased and consistent market access advice to the Australian Government; the Independent Market Access Assessment Panel.

More information about the process and panel can be found here