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Corporate governance

Sound governance practices and official documents

Hort Innovation operates under strict governance requirements; requirements that it not only places on itself, but those that meet its obligations under the Deed of Agreement of the Australian Government and the expectations of levy-payers and supply chain stakeholders, alike.

Our sound governance practices help to ensure that levy, co-investment and commonwealth monies are invested with a high degree of advice and rigour that support good financial and risk management.

On this page you will have access to Hort Innovation’s governance documents, including the Hort Innovation Constitution, Funding Agreement with the Australian Government and supporting material.

Industry services body for the Australian horticultural industries

Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited (Hort Innovation) is the industry services body for the Australian horticultural industries, as declared by the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources under the Horticulture Marketing and Research and Development Services Act 2000 (Cth).

Hort Innovation is responsible for managing and investing the levy funds received from levy payers for the benefit of 33 horticultural commodities, and matching eligible research and development contributions from the Australian Government, for the benefit of Australian horticultural industries and the Australian community. As such, Hort Innovation partners with the Australian Government to deliver research, development, and marketing services to horticultural levy payers.

Hort Innovation is not an industry representative body and does not set or execute policy on behalf of horticultural industries, nor participate in any agri-political activities.

Hort Innovation invests in research and development, and marketing to increase the productivity, farm gate profitability and global competitiveness of Australian horticultural industries. The Hort Innovation Board sets the strategic direction of the company, within the requirements of Hort Innovation’s Constitution, the Deed of Agreement with the Australian Government (Statutory Funding Agreement, the Horticulture Marketing and Research and Development Services Act 2000 (Cth), Horticulture Marketing and Research and Development Services Act 2000 (Cth), and theCorporations Act 2001 (Cth)).

The Hort Innovation Board and management are committed to the impolementation of corporate governance measures that enhance performance and ensure compliance by Hort Innovation with expectations of accountability required by all applicable legislation, regulations, and guidelines such as the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations, as required by the Australian Government.

The Hort Innovation Board has established three Board subcommittees that act to guide the company, including the Investments Committee whose charter is to oversee investment of the horticultural levy funds. These committees assist the Board to implement, monitor and enforce appropriate corporate governance throughout the company.

The Hort Innovation Board delegates responsibility for the management of the company to the Chief Executive Officer.

Our Constitution

Hort Innovation’s Constitution outlines the company’s priorities as the new representative body for Australian horticulture:

  • Provide leadership to, and to promote the development of, the Australian horticulture industry
  • Increase the productivity, farm gate profitability and global competitiveness of the horticultural industries by the strategic allocation and investment of levies, Commonwealth contributions, producer contributions and monies received from investors in research, development, extension and marketing funds, programmes and services
  • Support capacity building by maintaining a diverse range of research, development, extension and marketing services providers
  • Promote and further the interests of Australian horticultural industries overseas in relation to the export, sale, distribution and consumption in countries other than Australia
  • Be accountable to levy payers, producer contribution payers, investors and the Australian Government for the company’s use of levies, producer contributions and payments from investors
  • Engage in any other activities for the benefit of members, levy payers, producer contribution payers, Australian horticultural industries, co-investors and the Australian community generally.

Sally Holmes
General Counsel & Company Secretary

If you have any questions about Hort Innovation's governance practice or procedures, you can contact the Sally by email at email or by phone on 02 8295 2300.


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