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Organisational governing documents

Documentation on Hort Innovation's scope and legalities as an RDC and corporate entity

Our Constitution

Hort Innovation’s Constitution outlines the company’s priorities as the new representative body for Australian horticulture:

  • Provide leadership to, and to promote the development of, the Australian horticulture industry
  • Increase the productivity, farm gate profitability and global competitiveness of the horticultural industries by:
    • The strategic allocation and investment of levies, Australian Government contributions, producer contributions (also known as ‘voluntary levies’) and monies received from investors in research, development, extension and marketing funds, programs and services
    • Providing information, services and products related to research, development, extension and marketing activities or outcomes
  • Support capacity building by maintaining a diverse range of research, development, extension and marketing services providers
  • Promote and further the interests of Australian horticultural industries overseas in relation to the export, sale, distribution and consumption in countries other than Australia
  • Be accountable to levy payers, producer contribution payers, investors and the Australian Government for the company’s use of levies, producer contributions and payments from investors
  • Engage in any other activities for the benefit of members, levy payers, producer contribution payers, Australian horticultural industries, co-investors and the Australian community generally
  • To do all such things as are incidental, convenient or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the above.



Governing documents

In addition to the company’s Constitution, Hort Innovation was established under, and is managed by, legislation and regulation. The following documents outline the scope and legalities of Hort Innovation as an RDC and corporate entity: 

Hort Innovation’s Constitution
Hort Innovation's Funding Agreement 2020-30 and companion document
Hort Innovation’s Evaluation Framework

The Hort Innovation Strategy 2019-2023

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