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Hort Innovation The company

The company

At Hort Innovation, everything we do is built on our vision to create a prosperous and sustainable Australian horticulture industry built on innovation

What is Hort Innovation’s role?

Hort Innovation is the grower-owned, not-for-profit research and development corporation for Australia's horticulture industry.

Our role is to advance Australia’s $16 billion horticulture industry by investing in research and development, marketing and trade to build a prosperous and sustainable future for growers.

We partner with Australian and international co-investors including government, leading science, technology, and consumer strategy experts to anticipate future challenges and opportunities.

Our role is to capture value from the investments we make to beneļ¬t all levy payers.

For more information, see the Hort Innovation Strategy 2024-2026.

Where does the funding come from?

Hort Innovation's investments are funded by grower levies and Australian Government contributions, as well other industry contributions and co-investment, which is the key funding stream for Frontiers.

How are investment decisions made?

Investment decisions are made based on levy industry priorities. 

To gain the necessary insight from industry, Hort Innovation undertakes widespread consultation with growers, including through industry-specific advisory panels, which are representatives from each levy industry, and through other channels. Learn more here.

Priorities for industry-specific investments can be found in each industry’s Strategic Investment Plan, available from our individual grower pages.

Hort Innovation oversees and manages projects with delivery partners who have proven experience and the capability to meet our required outcomes.

We are a Rural R&D Corporation

We are one of a network of 15 Australian Rural Research and Development Corporations. To learn more, go to the Rural R&D Corporations website.

The Hort Innovation Strategy 2024-2026
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