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Delivery partners Funding, consulting and investing

Funding, consulting and investing

Learn more about how Hort Innovation manages and invests industry levies and other funding sources

The work we do at Hort Innovation is essentially divided into two funding models – strategic levy investment and the Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative.

Use this section of our website to discover key information on where funding for these investment activities come from, and how investment decisions are made. You'll also find important documentation, including annual reports and other investment-related documents.



Fund Annual Report
Find all the insights on industry levies for 2022/23 in one place
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How the levy system works
Wondering how industry levies get to and are invested through Hort Innovation?
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How Hort Frontiers works
Our Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative involves co-investment from a wide range of partners
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Strategic Investment Plan 2022-2026 full documents
These plans are the roadmaps that help guide Hort Innovation’s investment of levies and Australian Government contributions
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Strategic Investment Plan summary documents
Find your industry's Strategic Investment Plan in an easy-to-read condensed version below
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How we consult with industry
Hort Innovation makes all investment decisions through consultation with industry, to achieve the best outcomes for Australian horticulture
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Annual Investment Plans
These plans detail how investment decisions will be prioritised over a 12-month period
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Company annual reports
View Hort Innovation’s current and past annual reports
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Investment ideas
Discover how ideas blossom into projects at Hort Innovation and submit your own suggestions
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Project summaries 2021/22
View the current project summaries for each levy fund for the period July 2021 to June 2022
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Strategic Investment Plan 2017-2021 performance reports
These reports review the performance of levy investments against each industry Strategic Investment Plan from 2016/17 to 2020/21
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Financial operating statements
View the current financial operating statement for each levy fund
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Hort Frontiers Strategic Investment Plans
Strategic Investment Plans are being developed for each of the funds
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Order a Fund Annual Report
Fund Annual Reports are available in hard copy
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Investment documents
Find all the key documents relating to Hort Innovation's investments in one handy place
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