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Company annual reports

View Hort Innovation’s current and past annual reports

Our current annual report

Download the Hort Innovation Annual Report 2020/21


The Hort Innovation Annual Report 2020/21 is presented in four sections plus the financial report…

Section 1: Overview

This section provides an overview of Hort Innovation’s achievements and proudest moments of 2020/21, as told through the eyes of our people. You’ll also find information on the company’s structure and teams, details of our funding and how we make investment decisions, plus a look at our corporate governance.

Section 2: Our work

Delve deeper into the company’s activities and investment areas in this section, to better understand exactly what Hort Innovation does and how this benefited horticulture industries in 2020/21. You’ll find plenty of facts, figures and case study highlights, as well as information on how we responded to the unforeseen events of the year.

Section 3: Our partners

This section puts a spotlight on the rich network of partners Hort Innovation works with to deliver investments and outcomes for Australian horticulture. In particular, you can explore our relationship with the government, how we collaborate with Australia’s other rural research and development corporations, our engagement with project delivery partners, and more.

Section 4: Our performance

Better understand Hort Innovation’s successes and overall performance in 2020/21 in this section. You’ll find the results of our yearly impact assessment work, information on our management of intellectual property, and other key details from the year. Most importantly, this section includes a review of the company’s performance against the Hort Innovation Strategy 2019-2023, as well as information on how we've addressed the performance principles that are the foundation of our funding agreement with the Government.

Financial report

This section delivers our formal reporting, including the Directors’ report for 2020/21 and the company’s full financial report.


Our past annual reports

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