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Hort InnovationOur work The Horticulture Sustainability Framework

The Horticulture Sustainability Framework

A guide to help the Australian industry tell its sustainability story


Hort Innovation is working with growing businesses, consumers and others to develop a guide to help the horticulture sector share its sustainable, ethical and safe farming practice stories with stakeholders.

Increasingly, consumers and company investors are asking for evidence that sustainable and ethical practices are used by the producers of the food they consume and products they buy or the companies they invest in. This guide, the Horticulture Sustainability Framework, is being developed to help industry respond to that. You can read more on the background to the guide in this article from October 2019.

The valuable Framework tool is being drafted by Roth Rural, with input from growers and a wide range of stakeholders around the country via interviews, surveys and workshops. The initial outreach work has resulted in the report What is important to Australian horticulture’s stakeholders?, which was released in May 2020, with more information available here.

Once completed, the Framework will include a snapshot of sustainability in horticulture, and types of evidence that can support sustainability credentials.

The work done through this initiative also has the potential to help industry identify research and development priorities or gaps in the sustainability space through the consultation phase of the project.

Stay tuned for updates.

For more information, contact Ingrid Roth on 0428 195 485 or at

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