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Hort Innovation The company Corporate governance Independent Review of Performance 2018-2023

Independent Review of Performance 2018-2023

In April 2023, Hort Innovation contracted GHD Pty Ltd to undertake an independent review of its performance over the period 2018-2023 and to prepare a report on the findings and recommendations of the review (the Independent Review of Performance Report).

The Independent Review of Performance is being conducted in accordance with the requirements of Hort Innovation’s Deed of Agreement with the Australian  Government.

The Terms of Reference (ToR) for the review are to:

1.    Evaluate Hort Innovation’s performance in meeting its obligations under the Horticulture Marketing and Research and Development Services Act 2000, Corporations Act 2011 and Deed of Agreement 2020-2030

2.    Evaluate Hort Innovation’s performance against the Performance Principles of the Deed of Agreement 2020-2030, namely:

a.    to engage stakeholders to identify RD&E priorities and activities that provide benefits to the Industry.

b.    to ensure RD&E priorities and activities (and marketing activities) are strategic, collaborative and targeted to improve profitability, productivity, competitiveness and preparedness for future opportunities and challenges through a balanced portfolio.
c.    to undertake strategic and sustained cross-industry and cross sectoral collaboration that addresses shared challenges and draws on experience from other sectors.
d.    for governance arrangements and practices to fulfil legislative requirements and align with contemporary Australian best practice for open, transparent and proper use and management of Funds.
e.    to demonstrate positive outcomes and delivery of RD&E and marketing benefits to Levy Payers and the Australian community in general, and show continuous improvement in governance and administrative efficiency, including by considering Hort Innovation’s implementation of actions to address the recommendations in the last independent performance review (2018).

3.     Evaluate any other relevant matters related to Hort Innovation’s performance, including whether Hort Innovation’s Constitution is fit for purpose.

GHD invited any Hort Innovation stakeholders to make a submission to the review team as part of this process. 

Hort Innovation committed to publicly releasing the Independent Review Report and its Company Response to the recommendations before the Annual General Meeting in November 2023.

2023 Independent Review of Performance Report
2023 Executive Summary
2023 Company Response

Past Independent Review of Performances

The last Independent Review of Performance occurred in 2017. Please find related documents below: