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Investment ideas

Discover how ideas blossom into projects at Hort Innovation and submit your own suggestions

Hort Innovation invests more than $125 million each year into initiatives and programs that provide benefit to Australian horticulture growers, the wider horticulture sector and the community. Each investment starts with an idea – and if you're a grower or producer we’d love for you to share yours at our investment ideas form.

So how does the process work? Scroll down to read about the process, step by step.

In a nutshell...

  1. Growers and producers are invited to submit their ideas to Hort Innovation any time through a new investment idea form found here. They can also contact a Hort Innovation employee directly.

    Delivery partners (and other parties) are asked to contact Hort Innovation employees directly if they have ideas for investments.  

    Ideas can also come from current project delivery activities, final reports and regional networks. 

  2. Once an idea is submitted, it will be reviewed to determine whether it aligns to the industry's Strategic Investment Priorities. At this time, the grower or producer will receive a copy of action. 

  3. Ideas will be assessed annually based on industry benefit and impact as part of our consultation consultation process. 

  4. Recommendations from the SIAPs, EAPs and Trade Panels are used by Hort Innovation to work suitable ideas into project proposals. 

  5. Project proposals are distributed and made public to potential delivery partners for a response. See the current opportunities for delivery partners here.

  6. Responses are assessed, often with the assistance of industry, and the best delivery partner for the work is chosen.

  7. Contracts are issued, and the work begins.

Learn more about Hort Innovation's areas of investment here. For details of specific current and completed levy investment projects, visit Hort Innovation's grower pages.


What investments do you want to see?

Growers and producers are encouraged to share their investment ideas

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