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The Hort Innovation Strategy 2024-2026

The world’s best horticulture demands the very best innovation.

This guiding thought has been at the heart of the Hort Innovation Strategy 2024-2026 – our first horizon on a 10-year journey to deliver a renewed vision for a prosperous and sustainable Australian horticulture industry built on innovation.

Alongside industry and building on existing strengths, this three-year plan will focus the organisation on industry-wide, grower priorities through the delivery of five imperatives and 18 priorities.

Hort Innovation will aid industry to:

  • Enhance and safeguard supply: includes production R&D, biosecurity and sustainability
  • Accelerate local and global demand: includes market access, trade and marketing
  • Maximise and diversify investments: includes strategic investments, partnerships and investment plan
  • Make the culture thrive: includes being collaborative and customer focused, and investing in industry capability
  • Work simply and effectively: includes minimising complexity and quality compliance and governance.

We will measure performance, often enhancing outcomes and keeping our growers and broader stakeholders informed. 

A plan-on-a-page can be accessed by clicking on the image below. 

The Hort Innovation Strategy 2024-2026 builds on the Strategic Investment Plans we deliver in partnership with the Australian horticulture industry.

Strategic drivers

Hort Innovation’s Contribution of Australian horticulture industry report shows that Australian horticulture will reach a production value of $21.8B by 2030 – around $2B higher than previously expected. 

This research also shows the impact of horticulture production goes well beyond the industry itself. For every dollar of value generated by horticulture, an additional 27.6 cents flows through the rest of the economy, a total of $12.96B.

Australian growers entrust Hort Innovation with their levy funds to make investments for their future, and the new strategic plan prioritises the industry’s growth. 

Engagement and more information

Hort Innovation’s new strategy was informed by conversations and formal consultation with growers, delivery partners and peak industry bodies. More than 90 per cent of respondents said the strategy meets their expectations and a majority of respondents said the strategy aligns to their own strategic goals and priorities. 

For more information, contact a member of the Hort Innovation team via

Previous strategies

A copy of the Hort Innovation Strategy 2019-2023 can be found here.