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Hort Innovation Our work Strategic levy investment into research and development

Strategic levy investment in research and development

R&D that creates value

Hort Innovation invests industry levies and Australian Government contributions into industry-specific R&D to help growers and other industry participants be as productive and profitable as possible. This happens through Hort Innovation’s individual industry funds.

All of these strategic R&D investments are made in consultation with industry, and focus on the explicit needs identified and prioritised by each levied industry. Learn about the levy system and how this investment process works in the Funding, consulting and investing section of our website.

A small sample of our hundreds of ongoing and completed R&D levy investments is below. To discover all R&D investments for each levy industry – and the resources they have produced – visit the 'Your investments' section of our individual grower fund pages

If you prefer to browse all investments and resources across all industries, you can use our search page here.