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How Hort Frontiers works

Our Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative involves co-investment from a wide range of partners

The Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative has been developed by Hort Innovation to better equip Australian horticulture for the future ahead.

It does this by facilitating collaborative cross-industry investments that are focused on longer-term, complex and traditionally underinvested themes identified as critical for the industry's future.

Hort Frontiers invests funds from a wide range of co-investors, as well as Australian Government contributions. Our strategic co-investment partners can be any entities that want to invest in the future of horticulture – including commercial businesses, research agencies, government departments and education institutions.

Horticulture levy funds can also be invested through Hort Frontiers. This is done only with advice from an individual industry's Strategic Investment Advisory Panel. 

Whilst the individual goals of co-investment partners may differ, Hort Frontiers projects need to benefit all of horticulture to be considered suitable investments.

Our Hort Frontiers funding model

Hort Frontiers funds

Currently, there are seven strategic investment funds within Hort Frontiers, each addressing a specific theme.

You can explore each of the funds for information and see some of the investments that have already been made below.


Get involved

If you are an industry participant, delivery partner or researcher we invite you to contact a Hort Innovation employee directly to discuss your idea. 

Explore the seven Hort Frontiers funds

Read about the seven strategic investment funds within Hort Frontiers and the investments in each of them