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Green Cities Fund

Ensuring sustainability by driving a measurable increase in urban green space

The Hort Frontiers Green Cities Fund brings together a range of partners to research and demonstrate the benefits of increased urban greening.

With the Australian urban population increasing, and the health benefits of green space becoming clearer, urban developers and governments are becoming increasingly interested in creating greener communities. However, the impact of green space on a range of aspects (for example, perinatal health outcomes and hospital admissions) needs further research. The Green Cities Fund aims to help uncover science-based answers to these questions, helping inform urban development business decisions.

Some of the world’s best researchers in urban green spacing, from some of the country’s top research institutes and universities are already involved in the Hort Frontiers Green Cities Fund.

Explore some of the ongoing and completed projects below.

Get involved

For potential co-investors, partnering with Hort Innovation provides access to world-class research and the peace of mind of project management by a specialised team well-versed in managing large-scale research and development.

Hort Innovation is always looking for co-investors in the Green Cities Fund. If you would like to discuss a co-investment idea we encourage you to contact Byron DeKock by phone on 0417 622 773 or by email.

Expert Advisory Panel

The function of the Hort Frontiers Green Cities Fund Expert Advisory Panel (EAP) is to provide expert advice into the fund and its activities, including providing impartial assessment and commercially relevant scrutiny of proposed projects/research, and recommendations on potential methods to address future gaps or deficiencies in the existing body of research.

To provide a framework for advice and decision-making, the Green Cities Fund is governed by a document of Co-Investment Strategic Intent (CSI), outlining key investment themes that must be met in order for concepts to be successful. Download the CSI here

David Matthews Proteaflora Nursery
Julie Francis   Moffitts Farm
Dr Mark Gibbs  Queensland University of Technology
Warwick Savvas Aspect Studios
Byron de Kock (Facilitator) Hort Innovation
Neil Burgess (Ex-officio) Hort Innovation
Samantha Ferguson (Ex-officio) Hort Innovation

Kathryn Young
Kathryn Young
Head of Sustainability R&D
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0419 368 300 Send an email
Strategic Intent document
Hort Frontiers Green Cities Fund
Strategic Intent document