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Fruit Fly Fund

Managing risk by identifying fruit fly solutions

The Hort Frontiers Fruit Fly Fund aims to control the fruit fly populations that may impact the productivity of the Australian horticulture industry.

It is estimated that fruit flies cost the horticulture industry more than $300 million in lost international or domestic markets annually*. Research in the Fruit Fly Fund focuses on enhancing existing in-field control measures, looking for new post disinfestation technologies, and developing and implementing sterile insect technology (including area wide management in preparation for SIT implementation).

At the core of the Fruit Fly Fund is the ground-breaking $60 million SITplus partnership. The SITplus program pulls together some of the world’s leading fruit fly experts and research organisations, aiming to deliver an integrated solution to the management of Queensland Fruit Fly (Qfly). The fund also addresses Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Medfly), with projects currently operating in Western Australia.

*Estimated by Australia’s Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre (2016), not taking into consideration potential industry growth.

Numerous investments have been made in the Hort Frontiers Fruit Fly Fund – explore these ongoing and completed projects below.

Get involved

For potential co-investors, partnering with Hort Innovation provides access to world-class research and the peace of mind of project management by a specialised team well-versed in managing large-scale research and development.

The Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) for the Fruit Fly Fund, available below, is the investment roadmap providing the criteria and boundaries for the Fruit Fly Fund and its portfolio investments. It lays the foundation for guiding co-investment decisions, providing a clear vision, mission and investment priorities.

View the Fruit Fly Fund SIP or view a simplified version of the SIP as a plan on a page.

Your investment idea for this fund is welcome

If you are a grower, we invite you to submit your idea through our investment idea form or discuss it with a Hort Innovation employee

If you are an industry participant, delivery partner or researcher we invite you to contact Hort Innovation employee directly to discuss your idea. 

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General Manager of Marketing & International Trade
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Dan Ryan
SITplus Program Director
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Strategic Intent document
Hort Frontiers Fruit Fly Fund
Strategic Intent document