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Ongoing project

National Fruit Fly Council – Phase 4 (FF20000)

Key research provider: Plant Health Australia

What's it all about?

The National Fruit Fly Council (NFFC) is a strategic body bringing together federal and state governments, growers and research funders to oversee the implementation of the National Fruit Fly Strategy. The NFFC provides advice and leadership on delivering a cost-effective and sustainable approach to managing fruit flies across Australia. 

The project's objectives are to provide a national strategic direction for the management of fruit fly in Australia, prioritise RD&E for fruit fly in Australia, and inform a national approach to the application of fruit fly management to meet industry needs for domestic and international trade.

The project will continue funding the NFFC, building on a considerable platform of work in recent years that has increased national engagement and identified priorities to strengthen the national fruit fly system and Australia's trade position. The NFFC is also uniquely positioned to provide an independent and facilitatory role in bringing stakeholders around critical issues requiring national coordination and cooperation to be progressed and resolved. 

The project will fund the Council's regular meetings and a small project team within Plant Health Australia. This team will be responsible for developing the Council's agenda, increasing connectivity with trade and research stakeholders, and communicating with fruit fly stakeholders across Australia.

Read the 2022 National Fruit Fly Council Annual Report for a summary of the projects' activities and achievements in 2022.