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Ongoing project

Post factory pilot of SITPlus fly production (FF17001)

Key research provider: Macquarie University

What’s it all about?

The sterile insect technique (SIT) is a promising control method for Queensland fruit fly. Currently a significant research effort is underway to improve the production and quality aspects of SIT, and a mass-rearing facility has been established and is now operating in South Australia. This project funds post-factory activities to utilise these flies, with the overall goal to develop and establish field operation practises for fly releases. This involves components such as:

  • Improving delivery of flies from the Port Augusta facility to regional rear-out centres

  • Optimising the rear-out of sterile flies

  • Investigating release systems, undertaking multiple seasons of large-scale releases and testing these processes

  • Assessing and quantifying the impact of sterile releases to establish program efficacy

  • Evaluating the effects of stings from the releases of a bisexual strain

  • Working with the existing SITplus consortium to understand and integrate existing research outcomes where applicable

  • Working with rural communities and grower organisations to develop a sustainable client base for SIT.

These steps will help to establish operational procedures for the program and demonstrate program efficacy to ensure that reliable and sustainable SIT is available when needed to protect production and market access.