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Ongoing project

Modernising phytosanitary risk management (AM21002)

Key research provider: CSIRO

What's it all about?

This investment will work closely with domestic biosecurity regulators to strengthen Australia’s scientific approach to managing phytosanitary risks, making it easier for growers to conduct safe cross-border trade.

The research team will work closely with State and Federal Governments to develop and refine a fit-for-purpose ‘toolkit’ that can be used to improve state-level decision-making about biosecurity risks and how these are best managed. The tools will also underpin analyses to support international market access negotiations.

This toolkit will provide Australian growers and exporters who are already effectively managing their production chains to minimise pests and diseases, a way to demonstrate that their fruit, vegetables and nuts present a low biosecurity risk.

The project will build on Australian industries already excellent practices in this, facilitate better use of data in management of plant biosecurity risks, and will include new and emerging technologies such as optical grading and automated pest surveillance.


To learn more about the research and tools available, visit the CSIRO website here.