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Completed project

Developing a national systems approach for meeting biosecurity requirements to access key Asian markets (AM17001)

Key research provider: Queensland Eco-sciences Precinct
Publication date: Wednesday, September 21, 2022

What was it all about?

Most horticultural trade relies on exporters demonstrating that the commodity either comes from an area that is free of pests and diseases (area freedom), or application of an agreed, stringent end-point treatment. Such end-point treatments are often costly, can negatively impact quality, and may often be avoidable if other risk mitigation factors are accepted by importing countries.

This national project was a collaboration between industry, researchers and regulators that helped Australian horticultural enterprises realise market opportunities in Australia and Asia by developing a quantitative systems approach that is acceptable to regulators. It provided the supporting information necessary to help industries evaluate and adopt systems approaches.

Systems approaches integrate those pre- and post-harvest practices used in production, harvest, packing and distribution of a commodity which cumulatively meet requirements for quarantine security. The systems approach used in each region set safeguards and mitigation measures which individually and cumulatively provided a reduction in plant pest risk.