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Ongoing project

Asia Fruit Logistica (AM24001)

Key research provider: Bastion Agency

What is it all about?

This project supports the Australian horticulture industry’s presence at the Asia Fruit Logistica trade show in Hong Kong in September 2024.


Asia Fruit Logistica is a highly anticipated trade show for the Asian fruit and vegetable industry. The event brings together thousands of exhibitors and visitors worldwide to showcase and explore the latest products, trends, and innovations in the market.


This program is a collaborative effort, developing a trade show space under the Nation Brand and Grown in Good Nature brand. The aim is to foster relationships, acquire leads for the industry, identify future trends, and raise brand recognition. The industry stakeholders involved are united in their desire to create a highly effective event that benefits both exhibitors and visitors.


Asia Fruit Logistica 2024 is an important platform for Australian horticulture producers to exhibit their high-quality products, connect with potential buyers and distributors, and explore new opportunities in the rapidly growing Asian market.