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Ongoing project

The business of pollen collection in horticulture (PH19004)

Key research provider: Plant & Food Research New Zealand

What's it all about?

This short project is providing a high-level, comprehensive understanding of the needs and opportunities for the development of pollen donor farms to service the Australian horticulture industry.

The project team will collate current information on mechanical pollen collection and application and assess how the best of these could be employed in an Australian context to mitigate risk from pollinator unavailability and allow the industry to expand beyond the landscape’s capacity to support honey bees. This information will then be used to develop the business case for considering similar commercial pollen donor farms in Australia, identifying the key gaps which will need to be addressed.

The project will involve:

  • A global review of pollen collection and storage technologies and business models, and their suitability for key Australian crops.
  • An analysis of barriers to uptake of these pollination technologies in Australia. This will consider the Australian market size, crop types, production systems, location/transport times, staff/skills, regulatory environment and supporting infrastructure or services.
  • A high-level business case for pollen donor farms to be established in Australia.