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Ongoing project

Exploration of advanced control and detection methods for varroa mite (PH22002)

Key research provider: Macquarie University

What is it all about?

This project is exploring different methods of controlling and detecting varroa mite so that the Australian horticulture sector is prepared should the recent incursion become established. The research will assess whether the methods can be incorporated into an integrated pest management approach, to increase the likelihood of adoption.

The project will learn from experiences in other countries where similar methods have been tried and find ways to overcome any challenges to using the new methods in Australia.

The effectiveness of the new methods will be carefully tested and evaluated based on how well they can be used in the Australian beekeeping industry.


Access the list of available monitoring techniques and tools for varroa mite developed by the project in December 2023.

Access charts of varroa mite control methods here.