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Ongoing project

Australian pollination service statistics (HA21005)

Key research provider: AgEconPlus

What's it all about?

This investment is delivering a better understanding of current native stingless bees and European honey bee hive requirements in the horticulture sector. This information will enable the forecasting of hive demand based on industry growth, as well as highlight potential hive resource gaps and allow for adequate planning and prioritisation of research.

The research team will collect valuable information on the following:

  • European honey bee hives required for the top ten pollination-dependent horticultural industries, with differences recorded across growing systems.
  • Native stingless bee hive demand across Australia and targeted industries.
  • Estimated hive requirements for five-year and ten-year horizons for the horticultural industry.
  • Cost per hive (average) and issues that drive pricing.
  • Time of year and length of time hives are required with identified times of crop overlap.
  • The biggest issue(s) with hives received (e.g., quality, disease, or general management issues).
  • Impacts of climate variability/climate events on pollination service demand.