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Completed project

SITplus: Developing and optimising production of a male-only, temperature-sensitive-lethal, strain of Qfly, B. tryoni (MT13059)

Key research provider: South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI)
Publication date: Thursday, January 31, 2019

What was it all about?

This investment has successfully demonstrated a method to develop a ‘temperature-sensitive lethal, male-selecting’ strain of Queensland fruit fly (Qfly). To put simply, this research will allow for male-only, sterile fruit flies to be bred in large numbers. It is one of the key projects in the broader strategic co-investment SITplus initiative that’s tackling the issue of Qfly. The male flies are to ultimately be released in growing regions of south-eastern Australian that are affected by Qfly. They will come to outnumber the wild male population in these areas and by mating with wild females – and limiting the opportunity for wild males to do so – they are intended to lead to the collapse of wild Qfly populations.

Levies from several horticulture industries are involved in the project which, as a SITplus initiative, is part of the Hort Frontiers Fruit Fly Fund.


This project was part of the Hort Frontiers Fruit Fly Fund and involved levy investment from the apple and pear, cherry, citrus, strawberry, summerfruit, table grape and vegetable industries