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Completed project

Nuts for Life – educating health professionals (HN17002)

Key research provider: Australian Nut Industry Council
Publication date: Monday, January 21, 2019

What was it all about?

This project funded the Nuts for Life program, which worked to reduce the gap between Australia’s current average daily consumption of 7 grams of nuts per person per day and the recommended consumption of 30 grams. Through research and communication activities focusing on an audience of health professionals, it positioned tree nuts as an important component of a healthy diet, to ultimately deliver better health outcomes for Australians.

Specific activities and aims of the Nuts for Life program included:

  • Researching, interpreting and disseminating up to date scientific evidence on the role nuts play in a healthy diet, with the target audience being health professionals such as dietitians, GPs, nurses, fitness professionals, naturopaths and pharmacists.

  • Developing educational resources to allow these health professionals to in turn equip their patients and clients with information on including nuts in their diet, including as a snacking option

  • Making research available to interested authorities in relation to food regulation and public health policy

  • Supporting nut industry’s uptake of nutrition marketing activities and initiatives.

For more information on the Nuts for Life program and to see the resources it is producing, visit This work is being continued through the project Nuts for Life - Educating health professionals (HN19000).