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Ongoing project

National tree genomics program (AS17000)

Key research provider: The University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland, Western Sydney University, Jain Irrigation, BGI, BioPlatforms Australia, Plant and Food Research, University of Adelaide

What’s it all about?

This program is about harnessing cutting-edge genetic technologies for the benefit of Australian horticultural tree crop industries. New tools are currently being developed in the program to enable Australian plant breeders to deliver new varieties with key productivity and profitability traits, and new tools for growers to enhance farm productivity.

This program involves separate components working together to deliver a deeper understanding of the relationship between tree crop traits ('phenotypes') and their underlying genetics ('genotypes') and genetic mechanisms. This will then feed into the ultimate development of tools and opportunities for rapidly and more efficiently addressing current and future needs of industry.

There are four components within the program including the Genomics Toolbox, Genotype Prediction Toolbox, Phenotype Prediction Toolbox, and a new Molecular Physiology component that will complement research in the genotype prediction toolbox.

Crops that will be used as case studies in the program include almond, avocado, citrus, mango and macadamia.