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Ongoing project

Which Plant Where adoption strategy and implementation (GC22000)

Key research provider: Macquarie University

What is it all about?

This program facilitates sustainable, green and liveable cities by planning for the widespread adoption of the Which Plant Where climate-ready plant selector tool by the greenlife industry, government and other relevant stakeholders.


Expanding human populations and climate change are increasingly challenging urban areas. Resilient urban green spaces, which provide a range of ecosystem services and benefits, are recognised as critical for the development and sustainability of liveable cities in the future.


The project team will prepare and implement an adoption plan for the Which Plant Where tool, based on detailed research and understanding of the needs of current and potential target groups/users/sponsors, with the overriding goal that Which Plant Where becomes the ‘go-to’ tool of choice for the greenlife industry and is sustainable for the future. 


The enhanced Which Plant Where tool will support the development of sustainable and resilient urban green spaces across Australia by providing an expanded evidence base for climate-ready plant selection with up-to-date resources for urban greening.