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Ongoing project

National tree crop intensification program (AS18000)

Key research provider: Various including the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Plant & Food Research, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation – The University of Queensland, Western Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, South Australian Research and Development Institute

What's it all about?

The National tree crop intensification program (AS18000) is a multi-agency, multi-discipline five-year collaborative R&D program of tree crop-specific projects established to deliver step-change orchard system intensification knowledge, understanding and technical advancements to the almond, avocado, citrus, macadamia and mango industries.

The objectives of the program are:

  • To significantly progress knowledge and understanding of the physiology, agronomic, genetic, economic and management practice implications of increased orchard intensification to allow breeders, orchard owners and management to make more informed decisions on orchard direction and to inform on-going research, resulting in greater efficiency and significant productivity and profitability gains.

  • To equip industry breeders, orchard owners and management with the latest recommendations, tools and greater confidence to intensify operations and focus on more efficient and sustainable utilisation of both capital and natural resources.

In collaboration, the research projects of the five tree crops involved will be:

  • Improving understanding of the underlying physiology and genetics of previously identified key orchard systems components and the development of practices to manage these components, including applying this to conventional orchards.

  • Building new knowledge in how each orchard system component responds to different intensification strategies and impact upon yield, quality and profitability.

  • Adapting relevant principles that have led to improved performance of already intensified tree crops, such as apple.

  • Using new technologies, such as molecular physiology and computational modelling, to improve the management of orchard system components.

  • Developing technologies to better manage orchard system components.

  • Fostering collaboration between multi-disciplinary teams to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of research activities.

The program is overseen by a Project Leadership Group and has formed crop-specific reference groups to facilitate industry input and feedback into research, extension and communication activities.

For more information on the crop-specific activities in this program, you can view their individual project pages on the right-hand side of this page.