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Ongoing project

Innovation at Work (LP20000)

Key research provider: Elders Rural Services

What’s it all about?

This investment is exploring new processes for delivering extension within horticultural industries in Australia through a pilot partnership with the private agribusiness sector and other RD&E organisations. This collaboration is an innovative shift in the delivery of RD&E and best management practice outputs to growers.

The private agribusiness sector is a key source of technical advisory support for primary producers throughout Australia and are often a trusted ally who plays an integral part of their client’s businesses. Industry research indicates that there is significant opportunity in leveraging public-private partnerships to extend R&D outcomes and best management practice information.

The pilot project is focusing on high value horticultural crops within the Tri-state region of Riverland SA, Sunraysia VIC and Western NSW. The project team is delivering a range of activities within the area that aim to enhance adviser and grower awareness of relevant R&D and best management practices, leading to an increase in grower client knowledge, attitude, skills and aspirations and in turn on-farm practice change.

Activities delivered by the project are regionally and seasonally tailored to the target audience and are based on the findings from a needs analysis conducted at the outset of the project.

Intended activities include:

  • R&D technical updates for Elders staff such as agronomists and advisors featuring presentations on the latest R&D outcomes and emerging trends in best management practices. The updates will include field visits to on-farm research sites and demonstrations.

  • Activities for growers where best management practices are showcased such as field walks and visits to on-farm research sites and demonstrations.

  • An annual online R&D and technical update to extend new and emerging innovative outcomes for horticulture growers.