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Ongoing project

Research for impact (LP22001)

Key research provider: Enablers of Change

What is it all about?

This program is building the capability of researchers across ten leading agricultural research organisations so that they can effectively integrate adoption thinking and practice into their processes.

The project will pilot the recommendations delivered via the project Designing the integration of extension into research projects (HA21001), which aimed to improve adoption and impact through designing a process which can easily be initiated at the beginning of project scoping, that supports adoption rate, reach and effectiveness. 

The desired outcome is that the co-funding organisations and their service providers will be better able to design, deliver and evaluate RD&E projects that have greater impact by using the principles recommended in the first phase of the research.

The key objectives of this project are to:

  • Demonstrate benefits in project design, delivery, and evaluation, and therefore benefits to producers, through adoption by funding bodies and delivery partners of the key principles and practical steps developed from the first phase of research.
  • Increase project team members (researchers and extension practitioners) knowledge, attitude, skill, aspiration, and practice (KASAP) in applying the key principles and practical steps their work which has a positive impact on the delivery of project outputs and beneficial outcomes for producers.
  • Increase cross-RDC collaboration in the areas of peer-to-peer learning, issue identification of common concern, and investments.

The project methodology uses a Project Reference Group (PRG) to guide the co-design process. The key strategies to achieve the objectives include a coaching program, a Community of Practice, a capability development program (including a training needs analysis), and various supporting activities.


The partners involved in this collaboration are Hort Innovation, Cotton Research and Development Corporation, Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, Grains Research and Development Corporation, Wine Australia, Dairy Australia, AgriFutures, LiveCorp, New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, and the University of Melbourne’s Drought and Innovation Hub.