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Ongoing project

Crop and varietal data to better understand the importance of pollination (PH20001)

Key research provider: The New Zealand Institutes for Plant & Food Research

What’s it all about?

This project will ensure that all available crop pollination dependency data is easily accessible to relevant stakeholders (e.g. growers, apiarists, consultants, plant breeders) and that ongoing data collection is standardised and addresses research gaps. Having access to this information will enable strategies for effective pollination to be developed by industry through understanding of their pollination requirements across varieties.

The research team will undertake the following:

  • Creation of a central, updateable database which collates existing horticultural crop pollination dependence data. This will include a summary of cultivar specific crop pollination requirements (i.e. cross vs self) and key insect pollinators (both managed and wild insects).
  • Development and publication of methods for ongoing pollination dependency data collection.

  • Delivery of new knowledge (case studies) addressing research gaps in crop pollination via field assessments to evaluate pollinator dependency of key Australian crop varieties.

  • Completion of a gap analysis regarding pollination dependence, and pollinator management for various cultivars and regions, including remaining research gaps and limitations to best-case pollination management for focal industries.

  • Transfer of findings and resources to stakeholders via development of targeted training brochures, published articles, delivery of workshops, and training on use of pollination database.