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Strawberry Fund snapshot

15+ investments
Currently underway
45+ resources and reports
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Levy collected in 2018/19
$1.85 million
Invested in R&D in 2018/19
$22 million
Potential impact of industry SIP
Most recent
Completed project
Adaptive area-wide management of Queensland fruit fly using the sterile insect technique: Guidelines for efficient and effective pest suppression and stakeholder adoption (ST15014 and ST15015)
Historical document
Breaking the critical-use barriers preventing Australian horticulture from phasing out methyl bromide (BS04009)
Historical document
Better Berries project - phase 3 (BS05003)
Ongoing project
High health pre-commercial propagation material for Australian strawberry growers (BS19000)
Historical document
Alternatives to methyl bromide for Queensland strawberry production (BS07017)
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Investment analysis

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Harvest to Home

Retail and attitudinal consumer insights for strawberry growers

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Strategic Investment Plan

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Strawberry Fund Annual Report

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