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Ongoing project

Health and nutrition information for the berry industry (MT21000)

Key research provider: Nutrition Research Australia

What's it all about?

This investment is delivering evidence-based information about the health benefits of fresh berries to health professionals in Australia. By improving the awareness, knowledge and attitude of health professionals to the nutrition and health benefits of fresh berries, they will be encouraged to recommend fresh berries to their clients and ultimately help to drive purchase and consumption.

Berries have an impressive nutrient profile score and are one of the highest dietary sources of polyphenols, however their perceived high price point and short shelf life are key consumer barriers to consumption. There is an opportunity to educate health care professionals on the specific berry nutrition science and their culinary uses to help overcome these barriers by showcasing that despite their small size, berries are big on benefits.

The project team will undertake a range of activities, including:

  • Collating current scientific knowledge about fresh berries that will be used to inform the key messages of the educational campaign
  • Developing educational material such as fact sheet, animations, information kits and an e-book to inform health professionals about the benefits of berries, all hosted on the online Berries Hub on the Nutrition Research Australia website
  • Hosting webinars to disseminate key nutritional information about berries, including practical cooking demonstrations
  • Conducting a farm tour at major berry farm with 10 key opinion leaders invited
  • Sponsoring a conference stall aimed at fitness professionals.

This project is a multi-industry strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Blueberry, Raspberry and blackberry and Strawberry Funds