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Ongoing project

Facilitating the development of the Australian berry industries (MT18020)

Key research provider: Berries Australia

What’s it all about?

Beginning in 2019, this multi-industry investment is tasked with supporting Australian berry growers in adopting improved practices on-farm and keeping up to date with the latest industry news, information, resources and technologies.

The project delivers a nationally coordinated but locally implemented program which employs several industry development officers who provide specialist skills and knowledge. The role of the industry development officers is a broad one, with all activities geared towards improving the circulation and uptake of information with the industry.

As well as extension activities, the project produces key communication channels for the berry industries, including:

The project has progressed with…

  • Numerous workshops have been held in all states of Australia and various fact sheets have been developed.
  • Communication through the Australia Berry journal and The Burst have provided updates to industry on the project’s progression.
  • The BerryQuest International scheduled for July 2021 was postponed and has been rescheduled for the following year in July 2022.


Access three editions of the Australian Berry Journal which provide more information on the project – Autumn 2020, Winter 2020 and Spring 2020.

Read The Burst e-newsletter, five editions have been released. You can access these on the Berries Australia website.

Access fact sheets and case studies which have been developed from the workshops:

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