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R&D projects

Discover avocado levy investments into Avocado Fund R&D initiatives

The avocado levy has been invested into following Hort Innovation Avocado Fund R&D initiatives, together with Australian Government contributions.

Discover the projects that you want to see by refining the list by ongoing, completed, and historical R&D projects as well as projects by R&D portfolio type. You can also filter the projects by areas of extension and communications, international trade, and data and insights.

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Ongoing project

Environmental DNA technologies for rapid detection and identification of avocado priority pests (AV21003) (AV21003b)

This investment is developing environmental DNA (eDNA) technologies for the rapid detection and identification of priority pests for the avocado industry.

4 August 2022

Ongoing project

Avocado industry biosecurity capacity and capability building: phase II (AV21003) (AV21003a)

This investment is bolstering biosecurity for the Australian avocado industry by monitoring and delivering new diagnostic protocols for key threats.

4 August 2022

Ongoing project

Phenomenom resources (MT21018)

This investment is developing Phenomenom resources for the avocado, citrus, melon and rubus industries, including a dedicated Nomcast for each commodity and supporting PDF resources.

2 August 2022

Ongoing project

Avocado industry biosecurity strategy 2022-2026 (AV21002)

This investment is delivering improved biosecurity outcomes for the Australian avocado industry through implementing a range of industry preparedness and prevention strategies.

14 July 2022

Ongoing project

Avocado industry communications program (AV21004)

This investment ensures the Australian avocado industry remains up-to-date with the latest R&D, marketing, emerging information, trends and issues both in Australia and overseas.

14 July 2022

Ongoing project

Foodservice foundational market insights (MT21011)

This investment is equipping the avocado, melon, mushroom, onion, papaya, sweetpotato and vegetable industries with market insights into the foodservice sector

2 June 2022

Completed project Final Research Report

Review and extension of avocado pests and their management (AV19001)

This project explored potential barriers to IPM uptake and delivered practical information and resources for incorporating IPM on farm for avocado growers

31 May 2022

Ongoing project

Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook 2021-22 to 2023-24 (MT21006)

This whole-of-horticulture investment is responsible for producing Hort Innovation’s annual Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook

11 May 2022