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Completed project

International eLearning retail program (MT22501)

Key research provider: Hort Innovation
Publication date: Monday, March 4, 2024

What was it all about?

This project delivered an engaging and informative online course (available at that educates retail employees from key export countries about Australian produce. The eLearning platform is part of Hort Innovation’s Grown in Good Nature brand that represents the Australian horticulture industry and drives demand for fresh produce in key export markets across the globe.

The eLearning program expands the reach of existing work that Hort Innovation has done in the Australian retail domestic market to the export market on knowledge of different varieties and quality management, including stock management, storage practices, product merchandising and shelf management.  

The digital learning platform consists of:

  • A quick, simple, motivating onboarding experience that can be distributed to staff quickly by focusing on the essentials.
  • Product training in an easy-to-digest format enables learners to learn a product by exploring key facts, processes and common customer scenarios.
  • Capacity to add easy-to-access resource manuals, which can be added and updated by Hort Innovation in the future.
  • Multi-language content, translated into Traditional Chinese and Japanese, capacity for more in the future.
  • Gamified elements with points and a certificate to challenge learners to prove their product knowledge.

The program consists of four eLearning modules. All learners complete the onboarding module, and the three product-specific modules can be completed independently or separately. 

Onboarding module

  • Duration: 3 mins
  • Audience: Front and back-of-house retail managers and staff at key international retailers. (Staff that handle produce)
  • Purpose and objective:
    • Introduce the assets and benefits of Australian produce
    • Introduce the Grown in Good Nature program
    • Introduce the product-specific eLearning modules and how they can be of benefit to them.

Product specific modules (Citrus/Table grapes/Avocados)

  • Duration: 10/11 mins (Information 7/8 mins, 3 mins quiz/game
  • Audience: Front and back-of-house retail managers and staff at key international retailers. 
  • Purpose and objective: To train retail staff on the produce they are receiving in store from Australia so they have increased and sufficient knowledge to:
    • Effectively manage produce ‘back of store’ and ‘front of store.’ 
    • Maintain product integrity and safety.
    • Promote the product’s features and benefits in the best possible terms and in conjunction with marketing campaigns.