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Australia's top ten trade commodities – Onions

Australian onion exports

Onions from Australia are renowned for their full flavor, firm texture, and natural sweetness. While onions are cultivated in most states across the country, South Australia and Tasmania stand out as major producers, collectively contributing 70 per cent of the Australian crop. Key production areas include the Lockyer Valley and Darling Downs in Queensland, the Adelaide Plains and southeastern regions of South Australia, and the Devonport/Launceston region of Tasmania.

Australia's onion industry is dominated by three major producers who operate and approximately eight large businesses, along with numerous smaller growers, manage onion production, either through contracts with larger producers or via wholesale fresh markets for distribution.

Australia maintains a competitive advantage in the global onion market due to perceived quality, product integrity, proximity to markets, and lower freight costs to Asian and Middle Eastern markets compared to competitors.

Australian onion exports to top 10 markets (by volume in tonnage, year ending March 2024)

  1. Thailand – 12,132
  2. Taiwan – 5,897
  3. Malaysia – 4,704
  4. United Arab Emirates – 4,673
  5. Netherlands – 4,150
  6. Japan – 2,142
  7. Germany – 2,001
  8. Spain – 1,913
  9. Belgium – 1,811
  10. Indonesia – 1,638

Countries that Australia has market access for onions

Data from Micor

Thailand Taiwan
Malaysia United Arab Emirates
Netherlands Japan
Germany Spain
Belgium Indonesia
Singapore Norway
France United Kingdom
Papua New Guinea Hong Kong
Italy Fiji
New Zealand Slovenia
Qatar Solomon Islands
Vanuatu New Caledonia
French Guiana Kiribati
Tonga French Polynesia
China Vietnam
Oman Kuwait
Saudi Arabia Brunei
French Antilles Ireland
East Timor Nauru
Tuvalu American Samoa
Guadeloupe Martinique
Cook Islands South Korea

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