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Australia's top ten trade commodities – Cherries

Australian cherry exports

Since the first cherry trees were planted in the late 19th century, Australia is now home to a significant number of cherry growers many of whom are multi-generational family-owned businesses. Using knowledge passed down through generations and adopting new advances in production and packing technology, Australian cherries are grown to strict quality and safety standards.

With a production value over $262 million, the major cherry production regions are located in New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia. Approximately 20-30 per cent of Australian cherry production is exported to over 30 countries, mainly to destinations in Southeast Asia, East Asia and other key global markets. Leveraging airfreight as the primary mode of transportation, cherries can be picked, packed and delivered to Asian markets within 72 hours.

The different cherry varieties grown in Australia display unique characteristics that reflect our various regional climates, rainfall and soils. These climatic differences mean production can be staggered, providing a longer period of supply. Cherry harvest begins in October in the eastern states and extends through to late February in more southern or elevated regions.

Australian cherry exports to top 10 markets (by volume in tonnage, year ending March 2024)

  1. Hong Kong – 1,178
  2. China – 582
  3. Vietnam – 515
  4. Taiwan – 467
  5. Singapore – 448
  6. Malaysia – 239
  7. Indonesia – 181
  8. Thailand – 113
  9. United States – 70
  10. Korea, South – 47

Countries that Australia has market access for cherries 

Data from Micor

Hong Kong China
Vietnam Taiwan
Singapore Malaysia
Indonesia Thailand
United States Korea, South
United Arab Emirates Japan
Cambodia Philippines
Qatar Kuwait
Saudi Arabia New Caledonia
Canada Lebanon
India Bahrain
Fiji Oman
Italy Papua New Guinea
Jordan Myanmar
Solomon Islands Tonga

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