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Australia's top ten trade commodities – Avocados

Australian avocado exports

The avocado industry is in a strong growth phase and is expected to continue to grow at a rapid rate over the next five years based on the area planted across the nation. About half of all plantings are yet to come into full production with large increases in supply expected in north Queensland, central Queensland and Western Australia. 

Over the next five years, it is estimated that the industry will need to increase both domestic and international markets to consume an additional 90,000 tonnes, more than double the production volume in 2021. Given the growth, exports have become increasingly vital in the strategic agenda for avocados, reflecting the growing global demand for Australian produce.

Avocado orchards are widespread across Australia, found in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, and Tasmania. Thanks to diverse growing regions, avocados are available year-round in Australia. The peak volume of fruit occurs between March and November, with two primary varieties cultivated: Hass (available from May to January) and Shepard's (available from February to May). 

Avocados are a rich source of good fats, fiber, and various vitamins including C, B5, E, and K, offering a range of nutrients and antioxidants beneficial for health and well-being.

Australian avocado exports to top 10 markets (by volume in tonnage, year ending March 2024)

  1. Hong Kong – 8,392
  2. Singapore – 4,783
  3. Malaysia – 3,637
  4. Japan – 954
  5. Thailand – 662
  6. United Arab Emirates – 514
  7. India – 336
  8. Saudia Arabia – 153
  9. Indonesia – 72
  10. Qatar – 62

Countries that Australia has market access for avocados

Data from Micor

Hong Kong Singapore
Malaysia Japan
Thailand United Arab Emirates
India Saudia Arabia
Indonesia Qatar
Brunei Kuwait
New Caledonia Fiji
Maldives Bahrain
Oman Bangladesh
Seychelles Cambodia
Nauru Mauritius
Myanmar Tonga
New Zealand Solomon Islands

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