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Ongoing project

Accelerating innovation and services by understanding grower information seeking and decision-making behaviour (ST22002)

Key research provider: Circ Consulting

What's it all about?

This investment is deepening Hort Innovation’s understanding of how growers in the horticulture sector seek information and use it to make decisions.

Effectively communicating with growers is essential in building awareness of best practice approaches, which in turn helps improve farm production methods, productivity, resource management and capability.

The project team will conduct qualitative and quantitative research to develop a range of resources, such as reports and strategies, that Hort Innovation can leverage to inform future communications and extension activities.

Given the influence of advisory stakeholders such as agronomists, consultants and Industry Development Officers, it will also be important to understand advisor stakeholder communication behaviours and preferences and how to best influence this cohort to promote industry best practices to growers.

This project is a Hort Frontiers investment, with funding from Syngenta and contributions from the Australian Government.