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R&D projects

Discover mushroom levy investments into Mushroom Fund R&D initiatives

The mushroom levy has been invested into following Hort Innovation Mushroom Fund R&D initiatives, together with Australian Government contributions.

Discover the projects that you want to see by refining the list by ongoing, completed, and historical R&D projects as well as projects by R&D portfolio type. You can also filter the projects by areas of extension and communications, international trade, and data and insights.

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Ongoing project

Mushroom foodservice research and strategy (MU22012)

This short project is delivering a strategy for the mushroom industry to increase demand for mushrooms within the foodservice sector.

12 July 2023

Ongoing project

Online resource for mushroom health and nutrition science for healthcare professionals (MU22006)

This project is creating the MUSHRoom (Mushroom Science and Health) online platform that is a one-stop-shop for research and resources on the nutrition and health benefits of mushrooms.

3 July 2023

Ongoing project

Mushroom industry conference and roadshow program 2023-2026 (MU22007)

This project delivers a national mushroom grower conference and roadshow program that promotes the uptake of best practice to the broader mushroom industry.

3 July 2023

Ongoing project

Mushroom international study tours – inbound and outbound (MU22010)

This project delivers a range of inbound and outbound international study tours for the mushroom industry.

17 May 2023

Completed project

Review and evaluation of mushroom packaging (MU22008)

This short project identified and evaluated the suitability of alternative packaging options for the Australian mushroom industry.

31 May 2023

Ongoing project

Mushroom supply chain best management (MU22011)

This project delivers a supply chain best practice guide for the mushroom industry.

21 February 2023

Ongoing project

Industry level lifecycle analysis updated to better understand eco-credentials and minimise risks (MU22005)

This investment is developing a tool for mushroom growers to compare their environmental performance against industry-average benchmarks.

9 February 2023

Ongoing project

Alternate casing substrate – providing review of research to date and an expert forum for future R&D investment (MU22009)

This project is investigating the current situation regarding peat availability and existing research into finding suitable alternatives for mushroom growing.

30 January 2023

Completed project Final Research Report

Mushroom industry conference (MU21008)

This investment delivered a national mushroom industry conference which will took place over three days from 26-28 October 2022.

19 December 2022

Ongoing project

PhD program to study viruses associated with Agaricus mushrooms in Australia (MU22003)

This investment supports a PhD candidate studying viruses associated with Agaricus mushrooms in Australia by researching host/virus interactions to improve understanding of their impact on quality and yield.

29 November 2022