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Ongoing project

Marsh Lawson Mushroom Research Centre of Excellence (MU21004)

Key research provider: The University of Sydney and Applied Horticultural Research

What's it all about?

Following on from the previous levy investment Marsh Lawson Research Centre (MU16004), which began in 2017, this project supports the running and development of the Marsh Lawson Mushroom Research Centre (MLMRC) at the University of Sydney. The MLMRC is a world-class facility dedicated to mushrooms, and the research that takes place there will help the mushroom industry drive innovation, adopt best practices and tackle issues while encouraging new expertise in the industry.

There is a steering committee for the centre and its work, which has aligned the operation of the MLMRC to the Mushroom Fund’s Strategic Investment Plan and will help progress research needs and ideas that will be fulfilled through the centre.

The main objectives of the project remain strongly aligned with those of the previous project:

  1. Maintenance and management of the current Marsh Lawson Mushroom Research Unit at the Darlington Campus, University of Sydney, to promote and carry out active research on all aspects of the growing and cropping of mushrooms.

  2. Provision of research leadership to the mushroom industry, consulting with the industry to prioritise industry research needs through the MLMRC Steering Committee and providing targeted advice on mushroom-related research to the Mushroom Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP).

  3. Supporting the transition to a new mushroom research facility at a site to be identified when this becomes available.
Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Mushroom Fund