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Pistachio Fund

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Voluntary levy collected in 2020/21
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Invested in R&D in 2020/21
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Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook 2021-22 to 2023-24
Growing pistachio productivity and profitability
Completed project
Feasibility study into opportunities for high-technology horticulture production in urban environments (HA19005)
Fact sheet
Opportunities for high-technology horticulture in urban Australia
Completed project
Advanced production for temperate nut crops (various projects)
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Hort Innovation
Bradley Mills
Bradley Mills
Industry Strategic Partner
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0408 635 465 Send an email
Industry representative body
Pistachio Growers' Association Incorporated
Pistachio Growers' Association Incorporated
27 Ludgate Hill Road
Aldgate SA , 5154 0428 922 576 Send an email