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Completed project

Pistachio productivity improvement program (PS17003)

Key research provider: Pistachio Growers’ Association
Publication date: Wednesday, August 23, 2023

What was it all about?

From 2018 to 2023, this investment supported improvements in the cultivation of pistachios and the uptake of new and changing production practices through research, development and extension activities.

It supported the role and activities of a pistachio researcher who, in conjunction with other research associates, was tasked with undertaking ongoing field research. Goals of the work included:

  • Improving yields, through a better understanding of orchard management issues
  • Benchmarking and reporting on quality and yield information to growers
  • Assisting in disseminating information to growers, and in the adoption of R&D
  • Supporting an increase in pistachio plantings
  • Exploring new development areas for pistachio research
  • Responding to any changing environmental and seasonal issues that may arise.

The Project Team, with the assistance of the Pistachio R&D Committee, worked to communicate to pistachio growers the benefits of changing production practices in line with the latest research.

Key achievements of the program included:

  • Retention of Dr Jianlu Zhang as the Pistachio Emeritus Research Fellow.
  • Engagement of a Pistachio Researcher – initially Dr Abeysinghe and then Dr Mahadevan.
  • Chill hour data collection and reporting.
  • Benchmarking data collection and reporting.
  • Pistachio Researcher Reports to the Pistachio R&D Committee and PIT Group sessions.
  • Research Subsets undertaken by Dr Abeysinghe and Dr Mahadevan
  • Information sheets on mechanical pruning, fungal problems and the application of AF36 prepared and distributed.
  • Grower visits and additional extension/development activities.
  • Attendance at the 2023 International Almond and Pistachio Symposium and the presentation of a research paper.