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Ongoing project

Supporting the adoption of best management practices for pistachio growers through on-farm demonstrations and regional discussion groups (PS20000)

Key research provider: Pistachio Growers’ Association

What’s it all about?

This investment is all about bringing the latest in Australian and international research, best practice and technical information to the nation’s pistachio growers. The project delivers a range of activities and resources for pistachio growers that will assist them to adopt best management practices, leading to increased yield, quality and profitability.

Project activities include, but aren’t limited to…

  • Maintaining and expanding the pistachio industry’s regional ‘Tech Groups’
  • Facilitating field days and farm walks throughout each year in the country’s major pistachio growing regions, with involvement of Australian and international experts
  • Compiling technical information from Australia and overseas into resources for growers, including presentations, ‘Seasonal Notes’ that are distributed quarterly, e-bulletins and more
  • Updating of the industry website with new information
  • Workshops for new entrants to the industry.

Information on upcoming events and Tech Group meetings are circulated in industry channels as details become available. You can also contact the Pistachio Growers’ Association at

This investment builds on the work of the levy-funded project Technology transfer for pistachio growers utilising regional grower tech groups and events (PS17002).

The activities during this reporting period include:

  • Preparation and distribution of the Winter Seasonal Notes: read here.
  • A PIT group session was held across two days in July in Victoria and South Australia, with attendance from 45 growers. A report on the session can be access here: read here.
  • Preparation and distribution of the e-blast and Pistachio Chemical Management Technical Bulletin relating to ‘Spray Programs during the wet Spring and Summer seasons’: read here.
  • 109 video presentations prepared by a grower volunteer, James Simpfendorfer: watch here. To receive a password, contact the project manager.

The project team report progress in the following areas:

  • Round of Pistachio Information and Technology (PIT) groups, with one session being held in May 2022 and the attendance of 49 growers and PGAI staff across one PIT group session.

  • Presentation of six (6) industry topics including pruning of young trees (in the orchard), pistachio researcher update, 2022 season update, AF36 program, aerial imaging and general R&D activity updates.

  • Communications through the preparation of notices and invitations, preparing session reports, uploading the presentations and videos onto the Pistachio Growers’ Association Inc (PGAI) web site –

  • Preparation and distribution of the Summer and Pre-harvest Seasonal Notes as well as the Technical Bulletin relating to ‘Harvest Decision Making’.

  • Project team planning meeting and discussions with the Pistachio R&D Committee in February 2022 including a review of the past activities and setting the program for the first half of 2022.

Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Pistachio Fund.