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Australia's top ten export destinations – Vietnam

Australian fruit, nut and vegetable exports

Vietnam has become Australia’s third-largest trading market for horticulture, behind China and Hong Kong. 

Demand for imported and premium foods in Vietnam is driven by:

  • The large population of nearly 100 million people
  • Rising incomes – 30 per cent of the population is expected to have middle income status by 2026
  • Consumer interest in health and nutrition
  • The strong food and drink culture
  • Increased use of e-commerce and home delivery.

While Vietnam is a strong producer of fresh produce, with a large variety of local fruits and vegetables, Australian exporters can benefit from the strong perception of our produce as being high-quality.

Opportunity can also be seen in our counter-seasonality to our northern hemisphere competitors, and our relative geographic proximity.

Top ten levy-funded Australian exports to Vietnam by volume for the year ending February 2024

  1. Table Grape – 14,814 tonnes
  2. Almond (shelled) – 11,864 tonnes
  3. Mandarin (including tangerine and satsuma) – 6,373 tonnes
  4. Orange – 5,970 tonnes
  5. Macadamia (all) - 4,294 tonnes
  6. Cherry – 543 tonnes
  7. Peach (including nectarines) – 137 tonnes
  8. Cauliflower and broccoli – 61 tonnes
  9. Celery (including other celeriac) – 39 tonnes
  10. Onion – 29 tonnes

Australian commodities with market access to Vietnam

Cauliflower and broccoli
Celery (including other celeriac)
Citrus (including mandarin, tangerine, orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime and tangelo)
Nut (including almond and macadamia)
Peaches (including nectarine – PFAs only)
Table grape

Vietnam is the third-highest export location for Australian fruit, nuts and vegetables

Year ending February 2024

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