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Fund management

At Hort Innovation it’s our job to work with industry to invest the processing tomato voluntary levy and Australian Government contributions into initiatives to help growers be as productive and profitable as possible, through the Hort Innovation Processing Tomato Fund

What is the voluntary processing tomato levy?

The voluntary processing tomato R&D levy was established for investment through the processing tomato collective industry fund (CIF), now known as the Hort Innovation Processing Tomato Fund. It is currently set at a rate of 0.5 per cent of gross value of production.

It is Hort Innovation’s responsibility to work with the industry to invest this voluntary levy, together with Australian Government funds, into strategic R&D initiatives.

Where do investment ideas come from?

Great investments start with great ideas, and Hort Innovation encourages all industry participants to share their thoughts and suggestions for the work they want to see.

Ideas can be submitted any time via Hort Innovation’s investment idea form.

How are voluntary levy decisions made?

Hort Innovation is currently working closely with the processing tomato industry to finalise a Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) for the Processing Tomato Fund, which will outline key industry priorities for investment.

The SIP will be used like a ‘roadmap’ by the processing tomato Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP), which is a panel made up of growers, processors and other industry representatives that has a key role to play in the investment process.

The SIAP discusses investment ideas at consultation meetings - soon with the SIP guiding them - in order to provide advice to Hort Innovation on potential voluntary levy investments. Details of the SIAP panellists and summaries of the SIAP’s meetings can be found further down this page.

What happens next?

The SIAP’s advice is used by Hort Innovation to work suitable ideas into project proposals. The proposals are then made public for potential delivery partners to submit responses. Current opportunities are always listed on the Partnership opportunities page, in the delivery partners section of this website.

At the end of the process the responses are assessed, often with the assistance of industry, and the best delivery partner for the work is chosen. A contract is then issued and the work begins.

How can I keep track of investments?

Investments in the Hort Innovation Processing Tomato Fund are detailed in the Your investments page of this Processing Tomato Fund section of Hort Innovation’s website. Any resources that are produced by the projects – such as fact sheets and guides – will also be available through the Research reports and more page.

Hort Innovation also sends alerts about project updates to its members. Paying a voluntary levy doesn’t automatically make you a Hort Innovation member, but signing up is free here.


Financial documents

Financial operating statement
July to December 2019/20

Processing Tomato Fund consultation

To gain industry insights for strategic levy investments for the Hort Innovation Processing Tomato Fund, we consult with industry through the fund's Strategic Investment Advisory Panel

The Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP) has two main objectives: to give transparent and robust investment advice; and to ensure investments align to industry priorities. 

See below the SIAP meetings with summaries and the panellists.


Panel meetings and summaries





Meeting 1

October 11, 2017

Echuca, VIC


The panel 




Matthew Wright



Charles Hart



James Weeks

Weeks Family Farms


Andrew Ferrier

SPC Ardmona Ltd


Jim Geltch

Geltch Investments


Liz Mann

Australian Processing Tomato Research Council Inc.


Tony Henry

AD & VR Henry


Sze Flett



Cath Botta


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Fund Annual Report 2018/19
Fund Annual Report 2018/19