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Completed project

Regulatory support and coordination (pesticides) (MT17019)

Key research provider: AKC Consulting
Publication date: Friday, July 9, 2021

What was it all about?

Among other things, this project provided the Australian horticulture industry with key information regarding domestic and international pesticide regulation. A component of this was the production of Ag Chemical Updates, which are available to download from this page. These updates provided information on any developments in regulatory oversight of relevant chemicals, and are an opportunity for industry to consider and develop responses to issues arising from actions proposed that may impact on grower ability to access and use needed pesticides.

To assist strategic planning with respect to future pest management options, the project also developed regulatory risk assessments. These highlighted potential threats to agrichemicals currently approved for the management of pests and diseases in various crops, as well as current initiatives aimed at addressing identified pest management deficiences. These can be viewed below.


Download Ag Chemical Updates produced by the project to date...

Download agrichemical regulatory risk assessments produced by the project...



This project has been funded using across-industry funds and contributions from the Australian Government.

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