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My Market Kitchen episode 11: Almond brownie bliss balls

Publication date: 13 August 2020

Watch the episode, meet the grower, get the recipe, check out the nutritional facts, and discover research projects relating to almonds and other featured produce


In episode 11 of My Market Kitchen, Hort Innovation’s Research and Development Manager, Dietitian and Nutritionist Jemma O’Hanlon heads back to Prahran markets to teach us how to make the perfect afternoon snack, almond brownie bliss balls. We also visit third-generation almond grower, Neale Bennett who tells us all about growing almonds in Australia. 

Recipe: Almond brownie bliss balls 

Makes 12 balls


¾ cup Australian almonds
1/3 cup rolled oats
2 tbsp cacao powder
½ tsp vanilla extract
12 medjool dates
3 tbsp cacao nibs
1 tbsp Australian almond oil


  1. In a food processor blend ¼ cup of the almonds until they are crushed lightly but not over blended. Store separately (this will be used to roll the balls in).
  2. In the food processor add the remaining almonds, oats, dates (pits removed), cacao and vanilla extract, and blend for about 30 seconds or until mixture comes together.
  3. Add the cacao nibs and almond oil and process briefly.
  4. Form into bite-sized balls and roll each ball in the crushed almond mixture. Refrigerate prior to serving.

Tip: These are the perfect after school snack for hungry kids, and big kids!

Download the recipe

Nutritional facts

  • Almonds contain good fats, vitamin E, calcium and fibre. They help to reduce our risk of heart disease, diabetes and also provide a source of plant-based protein. We all should be eating a handful of nuts every day for good health.
  • Almonds are such a convenient and portable snack, heart-healthy and great for people on the go.
  • Not all fats in nuts have been found to be digested and absorbed, so nuts may have fewer calories than we originally thought.
  • Regularly eating nuts reduces your risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.
  • A healthy handful every day does not lead to weight gain. They have been found to help us manage our weight better too.
  • Nuts improve our brain health and can boost learning and memory.
  • To keep nuts fresher, store in the fridge.

Meet the grower from this episode

Neale Bennett – Mildura, VIC

Neale Bennett is a third-generation grower from Mildura in North West Victoria. Neale has been involved with almonds since converting his family farm from vines in 1992. Neale also operates a contract almond harvesting business, Cowanna Harvesting.


Investing in the future of the almond industry

Hort Innovation invests levy contributions from the almond industry, together with Australian Government contributions in the case of R&D, into Hort Innovation Almond Fund initiatives to improve and grow the industries.

You can read about these investments in R&D at the Almond Fund grower pages.

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